• TMF Challenge 2020

    That’s it! This is ridiculous! How much food can I stuff in one small kitchen? Is starvation really around the corner of my affluent suburb? I am packed for an apocalypse and that is how I live my life! Stay fed just in case there might be no food the next time I am hungry.

    I shop for food for Friday night guests and possible Saturday guests. I shop for food in case my daughter and her friends drive in from Ottawa. I shop in I case my friends come over for a drink and snack or in case my son drops by with his girlfriend.

    Luckily I have a fridge, an extra freezer, 7 shelf pantry with 2-4 more cupboard shelves filled with meal ingredients. And many many grocery stores for last minute needs.

    I panicked and went shopping twice today to stock up my house for my final order or 2019. I know, crazy, eh!

    I even bought an ice cream cake and ingredients for a double Asian salad for a party I decided NOT to go to tonight. A little bonkers, I know. What if I changed my mind?

    Am I food shopping addicted? I wonder if I am alone or if anybody else suffers this first world addiction?


    Only buy-fruits, veggies, coffee & creamer
    (& wine for Friday nights)

    Okay, I am a realist! My coffee and wine will run out way before the rest of my food and hey, a girl’s gotta live!

    No restaurants!
    (except immediate family must attend)

    That’s like 5 birthdays, and meet the future in-laws. (And if you were wondering about Mother’s Day…I usually am I charge of the barbecue etc in my own house…ho hum)

    Bring my own lunches, occasional dinners and snacks from home.

    I will smack any hand that touches my carrots and hummus on Mahjong night!

    That’s it!

    Now, my question is how long I can go before I deplete the shelves full of food.
    Care to venture a guess?

    Here is a photo of my fridge to help you guess:



    My well thought out estimation is 3 months. I think I have enough food in my house to allow me to eat well for 3 months and still feed guests.

    3 months of food = 270 meals and 180 snacks

    all stuffed into an overflowing  insane kitchen.

    And I still open the fridge and say crap, there is nothing to eat in this house!

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